Who we help

Pave the way for a future where your money does the work, and you get to call the shots.

Our clients are business owners, FIFO workers, CEOs and professionals from various educational backgrounds and walks of life

Our clients are at a pivotal point in their life with surplus income and a strong desire to optimise and improve their financial position. They want to make the most of their peak progress years and higher-than-average incomes to secure a financially independent future.

And they want to get there as soon as possible.


Forging ahead in your 40's

You’ve skillfully built your work life and are now reaping the rewards with a decent salary. You're in the prime position to pay off your debts, build up wealth, support your family and still splash out on some luxuries.

But you don’t have a plan of how to do it, and you’re confused about which path is best.

We map it out for you, step-by-step, so you can let go of the stress and celebrate your progress towards your ideal financial future.

Accelerating to financial independence as a business owner

You've poured your heart, smarts, and grit into building your business. Now, let's channel that savvy thinking into shaping your personal financial world.

You want to be confident your business and personal wealth is protected, and every dollar is working hard. And, you want to make an exit plan for when it’s time to step back from the daily responsibilities of running the business.

But you’re unsure where to start.

We give you strategies that help you reduce tax and build wealth, preparing you for a future that is both financially secure and filled with potential.


Focusing on fun and the future in your 50s

The hectic years of running between school and sports are behind you, freeing up time and space to focus on the fast-approaching future.

You’re earning good money, but know you have to make savvy money decisions if you don’t want to work longer than necessary. You go to bed wondering what’s the best way to pay off your debts, help the family and ensure your money will last—without forgoing the nicer things in life or the option of retiring early.

We clarify what changes to make at this critical point and where to put your money so work becomes optional as soon as possible.