David Loughnan

Founder, Director & Senior Financial Planner
I've always been fascinated by money, and from a young age set my sights on being financially independent as soon as possible.

Now my focus lies in helping others create significant wealth and opportunity for themselves.

My road to building wealth wasn’t without its stressors; as a fund manager and trader, I saw my hair turn grey in the throes of market chaos. And when I hit my financial goal, I was unsure what was next. And the answer was about so much more than the numbers on a spreadsheet.

It was this pivotal moment in my life that set me on my path into financial planning.

I completely understand that navigating the financial world is tricky; it’s high-stakes, and there’s no room for error.

I’ve seen it all—the risks, the rollercoaster rides, the strategies that hit the mark and those that missed. And through it all, I’ve gathered priceless insights that I now share with my clients.

People often ask me, “Why financial planning?” And I always tell them, it’s all about the people. I genuinely love helping my clients figure this money stuff out. When I look at someone’s finances, I see the opportunities and know what’s possible.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see someone go from feeling confused and frustrated with their financial life to feeling excited about their financial life.

David Loughnan is an Authorised Representative (No. 335776) of Spark Advisors Australia Pty Ltd (AFSL 380552). 

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