In today’s global economy we are faced with a diverse range of opportunities requiring decisions that not only impact on our investments for the future but also that of our families.

The relationship you have with your financial adviser is a very personal one. You need to feel comfortable in the fact that your adviser is totally committed to your financial well-being andthey have the expertise, understanding and connections to provide you with the right solutions in order to achieve your financial security and goals.


Here at Elements Financial Planning we understand that every individual is different and that todays lifestyles leave little time for focusing on your personal financial planning. That’s where we would like to help you. We’ll work together with you in order to develop individual long term strategies that are designed to suit your specific circumstances when planning for your financial security.

David Loughnan Founder, Director & Senior Financial Planner

David has been helping clients build their wealth, year upon year, for over 10 years and thrives off helping clients live up to their financial potential.

With a deep and genuine desire to help others, David’s no nonsense; results orientated approach to your personal finance is a welcome relief for those who are confused and overwhelmed by the options available to them. To David, witnessing people’s transformation as he helps them take away the stress, frustration and anxiety surrounding their personal finances is why he started Elements Financial Planning.

You’ll find a level of passion, enthusiasm and wisdom that will empower you to the action needed to improve your financial results.

No two people are the same, we all have different goals, desires and visions of what a successful financial future entails, that’s why no two of David’s financial plans are the same

What David’s clients most appreciate is the time he spends to really get to know you, it’s in this extra time that he spends with you that he helps you discover the path for you that will eventually lead exactly where you want to go.

Once you know the steps to achieve the financial results you’re after…David’s there to help keep you on track.

Chris Young / Financial Planner

Chris has a true passion for helping his clients move forward financially year upon year. Having a diverse background in banking, finance and business ownership in past roles, Chris is able to identify with all situations and takes the time to get to fully know people and what is uniquely important to them.

Chris graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Financial Planning & Accounting) and has worked in a variety of roles with the Financial Planning profession, which he believes is vital to understanding the true value of providing down to earth and customised advice to his clients.

Chris believes in the value of having a financial plan in place for everyone, taking the stress, anxiety and uncertainty off his clients shoulders and guiding them on the path to being able to make choices in life, without the concerns about money.

Outside of work Chris is married and father to two daughters he loves spending quality time with, along with enjoying the lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers.



Jason Rees / Associate Financial Planner

Jason has a vibrant, fresh and passionate approach to assisting clients with their unique situation. Having begun his career working for Elements Financial Planning in 2020, Jason has worked his way through the various role to gain a total understanding of the importance of each role. Jason is currently undertaking the professional year to complete the Financial Planner qualifications.

Jason graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Financial Planning & Accounting)

Outside of work Chris is married and father to two daughters he loves spending quality time with, along with enjoying the lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers.



Ashley Loughnan / Client Services Officer

Ashley is our newest addition to the team and provides support to our entire team.

Ashley has recently commenced his University qualifications and is in the process of learning the profession.




Financial Friend for Financial Final Years – “It takes a lot for me to trust but after spending time with David Loughnan and his lovely wife we were so happy to finally believe in someone to guide us through to our financial retirement goal.Great people-great plan now excited about retirement thanks to David.

Bruce & Tammy

Before meeting David we where quite disillusioned and rather unsure about how best to plan for our financial future ,with both investments and insurance , but after meeting him and having a discussion we are a lot more focused and reassured ,thanks David.

Simon & Debbie

We found David Loughnan to provide an extremely valuable advice, a professional plan and a supportive environment.David made us feel very at ease in his pace to share and work through our needs. He took time to explain the possibilities available to us and ensured we understood the spectrum of his services.We found him dynamic, real, up front and a man of integrity. That is why we are very comfortable with our decision to work with Elements Financial Planning and are confident that our finances are very good hands.David has taken away the anxiety that we had associated with finances, he has put tools into place so that we can take control. David has empowered us on many levels, we always walk away from our appointments feeling up lifted and positive about our direction and our future!

Jason & DI

I first went to see David Loughnan from Elements Financial Planning on a no fee consultation to have a chat. After talking with David I knew he was the right person to handle our affairs and point us in the right direction. Although I consider ourselves as a small player I have been in contact with him on many occasions  he has also initiated many call to check on us. On things David has put into play for us he has saved us his fees three times over this year alone.

We can not recommend David highly enough as he turned our finances and lives around.

Thank you Harry & Sandra

As self-funded retirees my husband always enjoyed handling our finances and he did it well. However his health deteriorated so l handed the task to David of Elements Financial Planning and I am glad I did. He recommended slight adjustments to our portfolio and explained clearly each step to me which he assures me will see me to a ripe old age.


I was previously insured through the guidance of another financial planner until I had to make a claim. The claims process with my previous planner was more painful than the injury itself! Since making the change to David who was refereed to me through an associate of both of ours, I have had to undertake a number of claims. All of which have been stress free.David found problems with my current insurance setup and has also now insured me properly. I feel confident that the Insurance he has recommended, he has done so for my own benefit rather than his own financial reward.Whilst I hope that you never have to call him when in a crisis, like I did. But if you do, David is the man.


How can Elements Financial Planning help you to build and protect your wealth for life?

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