How we build your wealth strategy using The Shield System

Compromising four key elements, each serving a specific purpose, The Elements Shield protects you against the unforseen whilst guiding you to a new financial future.

Cash Flow Optimizer

Take control over your finances so you can afford the things that matter to you

Protection Shield

Value for money protection that doesn’t affect your cash flow and protects your family from the unforeen

Investment Accelerator

Accumulate assets to replace your income, Minimize risks and maximize returns with the right strategies

Retirement Formula

How much money do you need to retire and how can you make it last longer than you do

Case Study

Bruce & Tammy past 12 months results using the Shield System

More money in Super
Saved in Tax
Reduced the home loan by
Total Combined Result

Growth Success Stories

Building wealth the right way with The Shield System

Bruce - Small Business Ower
Bruce - Small Business Ower

Learn How Bruce improved his financial Position by $96,360 using the shield system over the last 12 months!

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Jason & Di - FIFO worker and Health Care Worker
Jason & Di - FIFO worker and Health Care Worker

Have a clear plan that they are able to work towards together, changing both of their lives completely!

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Pam - Retired Nurse
Pam - Retired Nurse

Learn How Pam has has accumulated over 7 million in investments and assets while working 50 years as a nurse!

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THe Shield System

Making Your Money Work Harder For You

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Jul 16,2016

The one line I’ve heard too many times in recent weeks…

More and more these days, my clients are expressing their concern about just how volatile current investments are. Here’s a

Great Clients We Work With

David has taken away the anxiety that we had associated with finances, he has put tools into place so that we can take control. David has empowered us on many levels, we always walk away from our appointments feeling up lifted and positive about our direction and our future!

Jason & Di


Financial Friend for Financial Final Years – “It takes a lot for me to trust but after spending time with David Loughnan and his lovely wife we were so happy to finally believe in someone to guide us through to our financial retirement goal.

Great people-great plan now excited about retirement thanks to David.

Bruce & Tammy


David has put into play for us he has saved us his fees three times over this year alone.

We cannot recommend David highly enough as he turned our finances and lives around.

Thank you Harry & Sandra

Let's make something great together